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Announcing our Google Rank Checking API

Some great news for app developers & hackers. We’ve launched a Google rank checker API which allows you to programmatically get your Google rankings for any number of keywords.

Some great things about the API:

  • Get Google ranking positions for any number of keywords
  • Check rankings for up to 4 websites, including those of your competitors
  • Get the exact positions as well as the URLs of ranking websites
  • Ranking data is returned within 24 hours of request
  • Extremely easy to set-up (Get started in less than 30 minutes)
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SEO Lesson One: How SEO Works, The Right Mindset & What Search Engines Really Want

how seo works - nah
Nah man, this is just not how SEO works

Hi there, and welcome to the first lesson in our Learn SEO for free series.

A quick note before we start: you’ll find me referring to Google when I talk about search engines below. These same principles however apply to Bing & Yahoo too.

So.. how do you really rank higher on search engines? You know you have to do SEO - but SEO what? What do search engines really want? I bought 127 PR10 links (!) but I’m still not ranking - what am I doing wrong? (okay, that’s a joke - but you get the drift)

This post aims to answer these questions and more. More importantly, it’ll help found a solid mindset on how SEO works, what search engines really want, and how to give them what they want so that you rank higher.

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Introducing SEO Lessons - Learn Search Engine Optimization for Free

Many people who use WhereStand to check their rankings for the first time often face a problem. The problem really happens when they find that their website is not ranking in the Top 100. That’s when they start thinking – OK, so what do I do? How do I get my website to rank higher? Most people understand that Search Engine Optimization – SEO as it is popularly known, is the answer to their problem. By performing SEO, they can gain better rankings. But then there’s a new problem - where do they start?

can the search engines find your website?

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When you forget to renew your domain name

Yesterday, something happened to WhereStand that really sucked, and showed us the importance of not taking things for granted.

A week back, we read an article about a website called (which is billion dollar plus company). The story stated that Yatra forgot to renew its own domain name, and was down for one whole day. Yes, one day of downtime could have cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue & goodwill. We pondered upon this article for a while - and joked about their folly. In the end, we asserted to ourselves - “Ah that’ll never happen to us”.

Turns out we were wrong. It did.

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July 2012: We detected a problem in a tracking our Google rankings for an internal SEO campaign. We had tried the tools out there, but none of them really gave us the insight we wanted. Most of them were just tracking tools, yes - they did give us the rankings we asked for. Nothing more, nothing less. We wanted a tool that gave us a macro-understanding of our standing on Google, while still being flexible enough to give us detailed understanding of our keywords.

August 2012: WhereStand is born. The metric, wScore is born - which automatically computed our rankings (and those of our competition), and gave us one score - which we could then use to understand where we actually stood on Google. Initially, this tool was kept for personal use - and then released to the public later that month. The public tool was a real-time rank checker. The app still lacked the all important tracking functionality.

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